What Is Vastu Shastra?

Foundation of Vastu Shastra is the concept of the five elements. In Vastu Shastra, these are known as the Panchabhootas. The Panchabhootas are what the entire world is made out of. The five elements are air, water, fire, earth and space. All the benefits and advantages are bestowed upon a person or a house by the proper use and placement of these five elements.

Why Should We Follow Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the scientific study of directions, which aims at creating equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefit of humans. There is a great importance of Vaastu shastra in our life, as it paves way for happiness and prosperity to knock our doors. Vastu is very rational in the sense that it is based on scientific study and not on assumptions. Also there is surety about its permanency, as it takes into consideration the directions, which are static.

Talking about Vaasthu, the best part is that, its guidelines are very simple and easy to follow. It can be applied to virtually all sets of constructions, be it a house, a particular room, temple, commercial complex, industry etc. Vastu extracts the positive energies of the five basic elements of nature – the solar energy of sun, lunar energy of moon, wind energy, magnetic effects of earth and heat energy of fire, balancing them to bring harmony in the life of a person. In fact, a harmonious life with the nature is the theme of Vastu shastra.


What Can We Achieve Through Vastu Shastra?

When there is an imbalance between the five chief elements of nature, it turns into some sort of agitation, sorrow, failure, poor economic condition and many other negative results for a human being. Vastu Shastra comprises of one of the most suitable ways to overcome such problems. It suggests ways in which you can live in agreement with the laws of nature, so that you remain healthy, be peaceful and work efficiently. So, it is advisable to consult a good vastu expert and follow his/her advice sincerely, when constructing a new structure.

Directions According to Vastu

Direction plays an important role in Vastu. Right knowledge of directions is very important to make a building structure according to Vastu. In total there are ten directions. There are total eight main directions, four are major directions (North, South, East and West) and four are sub directions (NE, SE, SW, NW). North, South, East, and West are called cardinal directions and the point where any of the two directions meet is called intercardinal or ordinal point like NE, SE, SW, NW. These directions are given a lot of importance in Vastu Shastra.

10 Directions According to Vastu

East (Purva) : This direction is governed by lord Indra and he is known to be the king of Gods. It is considered most auspicious & holy of all directions. While sleeping your legs should not face east.

West (Paschim) : This direction is directed by Lord Varun, the lord of rains. He bestows his blessings in the form of natural water-rain, brings prosperity and pleasures of life. This direction is not considered auspicious. You may plant long tree in the west.

North (Uttar) : This direction is governed by Kuber, the god of wealth. A house entrance facing north brings prosperity.

South (Dakshin) : This direction is of Yama, the god of death. He is manifestation of dharma, and eradicates evil forces and bestows good things. It is a source of wealth, crops and pleasure. Houses with entrance doors in the south bring ill-luck to the occupants. While sleeping your legs should never face south.

North-East (Ishanya) : This place is a supervised by lord Ishanya, and is a source of wealth, health and success. He brings us wisdom, knowledge and relieves us from all miseries and mishaps. A pooja (worship) room should be kept in the north-eastern direction. House entrance placed in this direction brings prosperity, knowledge peace & progress.

South-East (Agneya) : This direction is governed by lord of fire- Agni. He gives us good personality and all good things of life. Fire is a source of health as it is related to fire, cooking and food. The kitchen of the house should be situated in this direction. For ensuring their durability, electronic gadgets & appliances should be kept in this direction.

South-West (Nairutya) : This direction is directed by Niruti, the god who protects us from evil foes. It is a source of character, demeanor, case of longevity and death. Therefore, it is banned for all auspicious functions. This direction should be filled with heavy unmovable.

North-West (Vayavya) : This place is directed by lord Vayu and he brings on us good health, strength and long life. It is a source of change in course of business, friendship and enmity. This direction is favored by Lord Hanuman (Monkey God, son of Vayu). For immediate & certain success, this direction is chosen as the point of beginning in any undertaking.

Skywards (Urdhwa/ Akash) : Further sub divided into seven parts depending upon the height.

Downwards (Adharastha/ Patal) : Also sub divided into seven parts depending upon depth.

Vastu Benefits

Vastu finds its references in Vedic knowledge and has come down to us through these years. Everything that exists in the universe, including our bodies, is made of five elements. These five elements are earth (geomagnetic energy), water (gravitational energy), fire (solar energy), air (wind energy) and space (cosmic radiation).

These forces have a powerful influence on us, as well as the environment. Each of these elements is associated with a particular direction: water in the northeast, fire in the southeast, earth in the southwest, air in the northwest and space in the center. By balancing these elements in their proper proportions, we will gain the benefits of health, happiness, and prosperity.

The east is the source of solar, ultra-violet rays, and the north is the source of magnetic energy. We benefit by keeping our environment open to these life supporting energies. Harmful infrared rays coming from the south and destructive gamma rays coming from the west, cause disruption within the environment and our bodies. Using the principles of Vastu Shastra, we can protect ourselves from these rays.


Salient Benefits of Vastu Shastra – Harmonizing nature’s energy – Vastu harmonize nature’s powerful energy sources, such as – sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic and cosmic energy. These energies harmonized by Vastu render utmost benefits to the owner of a living space with growth and perpetual prosperity.

Monetary Blessing – Correct application of Vastu principles in a house blesses its occupants an abundant supply of wealth or financial happiness by unblocking your fate to golden opportunities and success. Exponential monetary growth yields in your life, as well as you get to experience financial dependence and security with application of Vastu principles in your living space.

Growth In Your Chosen Endeavor – Vastu science is a great remedial course for anything that is halting your growth in your chosen endeavor. Whether you seek a promotion or success in your job/career or want to go an extra mile in your academic pursuit, following Vastu will help you expand your horizon, with growth and success coming in great measures in your chosen field of activity. This is the very power of Vastu that enables you to experience a series of golden chances that your life offers you.

Keeps Your Relationship Bond Always Strong – One fine contribution of Vastu Shastra in your relationship is that it acts like a great neutralizing factor against every negative element causing the bond of your relationship to fade and brittle. Experience healthy relationship with better family bonding with your relatives.

Brings Happiness – If you notice that your living space is the house of scuffle and misery and it is no longer a harmonious space that it used to be, it is because of Vastu flaws in your property. High time you got rid of such defects for the resuscitation of lost happiness in your dwelling place, with every member living together happily.

Create Financial Security – Finance is the heart and soul of every business. For starting up, faster growth, expansion, or takeovers, getting funding from financial institutions, equity markets or investors, is a must. In the better interest of the business.

Stop Draining Money & Efforts – You can stop wastage and draining out of your money and vital energies with the help of MahaVastu. If you are sleeping in the MahaVastu Zone of Expenditure and Wastage then you feel that all your assets, money, relations.

Joy & Happiness – The source of eternal joy lies within you only, but due to external environmental factors, you are not able to feel the happiness.

Clarity of Mind – As soon as MahaVastu is applied to your home or workplace one of the very first benefits you get is Clarity of Mind.

Control Abnormal Behavior – MahaVastu is the best and most-effective tool to control abnormal behavior in homes as well as in work places. Due to irrational behavior of people in a home, family bonding and relationships get strained.

Power & Confidence – You can feel more power and self-confidence with the application of MahaVastu in your home and workplace. Lack of self-confidence makes your decisions waver, thus, causing instability of mind. Correct decision making comes.

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