Ancestors or Dead Person Photo Direction And Placement As Per Vastu

Ancestor Picture According to Vastu

As per Vastu one needs to place the photographs of Pitru’s (Deceased elders) on the South of the Southwest wall. This norm is applicable to both residential as well as commercial premises. Ancestor Photo Direction of family members should never be placed in the north direction, east direction, and the west direction. The rationale behind this tenet is that the Southwest corner (Pada) is called / termed Pitru.

As per our Vastu, it’s good to keep your late parents’ picture in your home. However, don’t place the picture right at the entrance. Photos of dead ancestors should always be hung in the corner of southern south- west wall or on the southern wall. Also recommended that do not keep a dead ancestors photo or picture in the worship room, as it will be placed along with idol of a deity, hence avoid the said situation.

Best place to hang family photograph is South West. You can also use North West and North West for the same. Pictures of family members should be placed in North-East direction (if frames are light in weight), East, North or West direction.

ancestors photo direction vastu
ancestors photo direction Vastu

Where can I put photo of my ancestors?

  • One should never hang the picture of their deceased relatives in their puja room or temple. It is said that if you do this, a lot of inauspicious things will happen to you and your family.
  • You can hang pictures of your deceased relatives in the North East direction of your house – however, make sure that there is no temple or puja room in that corner of the house.
  • No matter where you put up the picture of the ancestors, make sure that it is in the South direction of the house – you can choose the wall that is opposite of your bedside to hang the picture.
  • Also, make sure that you do not hang the picture of your ancestors in the middle of your house or the drawing room. It is said doing so can spread negativity around the house. It can also be the cause of sudden deaths in the family.

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