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Broom Place As Per Vastu

Broom Vastu Tips

Broom Place as per Vastu

A broom place as per Vastu is considered a sacred in Indian households.

In rural India, it is the first thing that a lady of the house picks up at the break of the dawn, to clean the courtyard and the porch. Called by names like ‘Jhadu’, ‘Bhuari’ etc. it is regarded as feminine and often associated with the ‘Goddess of wealth‘.

Placement of Broom as per Vastu
Broom Vastu

Brooms and mops should be kept in the west or north-west corner of the house.

Everyone uses brooms in their house to the house clean. Broom are used to dust away the waste and dirt. Though it is a common thing but it has an important role in the mythologies.

According to the belief, Goddess of money Mahalaxmi’s one of the form is a broom. As per Vastu and old beliefs, due to the broom, happiness and prosperity in our houses increase.

Broom should be kept in which direction

If you want to buy a new broom buy it only on Saturday as it is considered very auspicious.

Never use a damaged broom in the house and one should store it in the west direction room to kill the negative energy.

The way we hide our money from everyone the same way we must hide the broom from everyone’s eyes

Never touch the broom by your foot as this is inauspicious and as per the believes this is consider as disrespect of Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Never place a broom in standing position.

Keep it away from the main door. It should not be seen as soon as a person enters into house. Hide it from others who visit your home.

Don’t keep it in north-east corner of the house.

Never keep it in pooja ghar and kitchen.

It must be kept in the same direction of main door.

Don’t keep at it in your bedroom. Keeping a broom in bedroom may cause huge negative impact on people sleeping there.

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