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Vastu Tips For Children’s Bedroom | Children Bedroom Vastu

Vastu For Kids Room

Children Bedroom Vastu

As Per children bedroom Vastu, West direction is ideal for children room and must be place there. Keep the bed in South-west portion of room and let your child sleep with head towards South or East direction for peace of mind.

Vastu Tips for children's Bedroom
Children’s Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Vastu Tips for Children Bedroom

Bedroom Position : West direction of the house is the most appropriate direction for planning kid’s room.

If you want you can also consider the Northeast, Northwest and Southeast directions but ignore choosing Southwest direction for kid’s bedroom.

Position of Bed : Keep the bed somewhere in south-west direction of the room and let your child sleeps with head towards south or east direction for peace of mind.

Studying Position : Facing the north direction while studying helps the most, it increases concentration level and positively contributes towards student’s success.

Mirrors ; Remember to keep the mirrors far from the opposite side of children’s bed as it is totally confined as per the principles of Vastu.

Furnishings ; Try not to put the furniture adjacent to any wall of the room. It can disturbs the flow of positive energy in the room.

Keep all the furniture 3 inches far from the wall. Almirahs and cupboards can be kept in south or west direction.

Lighting : Use up-lighters at the south-east corner for youngster’s room as it is useful for well-being and produces positive aura. Never utilize sharp lights and spot lights as it increases mental strain.

Doors and Windows ; Let the entryway of youngsters room be in the east or the north and It should only have one shutter. Windows in the east and north of the room are beneficial.

There is no damage in having a small window in west opposite to east or north bearing window.

The window can be opposite to the position of the door. The entryway of the room should not be opposite to the bed.

Color Scheme : Colors effects mood to a great extent. Green color is ideal for children’s bedroom as it increases brain power and also provides freshness and peace.

Décor : Decorate the northeast corner of your kid’s room with flowing water bodies to allow freshness and calmness.

Book Racks and Storage ; Walls in the west or south directions are the best options to arrange a book rack, book shelf.

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