Dustbin Place As Per Vastu

Dustbin According to Vastu

Vastu for Dustbin Direction

Dustbin place as per Vastu suggests some of the safe zones to place a dustbin in South of South West, East of South East, South of South East and West of North West.

Always opt for softer tones when placing a dustbin in your house. Make sure the lid is always covered and the dustbins are cleaned regularly.

Vastu Tips for Dustbin

  • Do not place a dustbin in the North East zone because it will interfere with your mental health and a structured thought process. You will always feel bogged down with tensions and uncertainty.
  • Dustbins should not be placed in the East zone of your house. By placing it here, you will probably feel lonely and will not have a desire to go out and meet people. Moreover, it can act as an obstacle to your growth. Similarly, placing it in the South East zone will interfere with your wealth accumulation. When placed in the North, career opportunities will start to diminish.
  • Do not place a bin at the entrance; else the flow of energy within your house will be tainted with garbage bringing in a whole lot of negative luck. Also, do not place it anywhere close to the puja area.
  • Do not place the trash cans in the bedroom either. It’s a complete no-no. Replace them if broken and make sure they are always in good condition.
  • The dustbin in kitchen can be placed in any corner or place, but we must place it in a well organized way.
  • The dustbin color should not be red or yellow because this color belongs to spiritual matters and has significance for some deities.
  • Trash bin must not be highlighted on house when we enter into our house.
  • Dustbin garbage must be disposed of every morning.
  • Dustbin must not be placed under stairs.

What Are The Effects Of Vastu Shastra On House

In today’s time many people pay special attention to Vastu. Whether it is about the direction of the house or office or about the goods kept in it. It is said that if Vastu is correct then positive energy circulates around. By which a person progresses.

If we talk about the dustbin kept in the house, then hardly people’s attention goes to the fact that the place of keeping the dustbin also affects the lives of the people.

If you keep the dustbin at a place designated by Vastu, then it is believed that soon the sums of wealth increase. At the same time, keeping dustbin in the wrong place increases the expenses and brings negativity in the house.

Keeping in this direction will result in loss of money: According to Vastu Shastra, people should not keep dustbins in the north direction. This is because this direction is seen by connecting it with career and money.

In such a situation, in the houses where the dustbin is in the north direction, the opportunities for people to get money are lost. Keeping garbage in the north-east direction can also cause financial problems. At the same time, keeping the dustbin in the south-east direction also increases the chances of loss of money.

Negativity spreads : Keeping the garbage box in the southeast direction also brings negativity in the house. This direction is related to mutual relationships and relationships. Keeping the dustbin at this place can cause tension in the house and can also lead to mutual estrangement. Due to excessive quarrel, the atmosphere of the house can also deteriorate.

This is how the sources of wealth flow open: By placing dustbins in the south-west direction, it is mentioned in Vastu Shastra that the expenditure in the house is reduced. This direction is considered to give benefits and fruits of hard work. This direction is also considered important in student life. This is because it also helps in focusing. At the same time, people who have been diagnosed with depression should keep a dustbin in the west or north-west direction in their house.

Loneliness If Kept In This Direction: Famous astrologer Virendra Rawal told that dustbin should never be kept in the east area of ​​the house. Keeping a dustbin in the east area makes the major member of the family feel lonely. Apart from this, the desire for a lonely life leads to the termination of relations with outside members.

Not only this, if one wants to advance his company, the dustbin placed in the east area gives problems in the field of wealth accumulation, around ​​progress. Not only this, when the company of the world is moving forward, then the dustbin of this area pushes it backward. Not only this, the dustbin kept in the southeast area burns wealth and progress like a fire. Apart from this, the dustbin placed in the north zone gives failure in the carrier.

Obstacles in career : According to Vastu, the dustbin should never be kept in the north direction in the house. If you have done this by mistake, then immediately remove the dustbin from there. Vastu says that North direction is the direction which gives wealth and opportunities. In such a situation, if the dustbin is kept in this direction, then there are problems in the career.

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