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How should an ideal layout for a Home be as per Vastu Shastra?

Whenever we plan to buy or construct a new house, we always think about how should the plan of the house be so that it can help us achieve happiness and prosperity in our life. In this article we will learn about house plan as per vastu shastra.

What are the ideal directions for rooms in our house?

Let us start with the Main Gate and Main Door. As per Vastu Shastra, North, NE, East, ‘South of SE’ and ‘West of NW’ directions are considered positive for the Main-Gate and the Main-Door.

If the main gate and main door come in any of these 5 directions of the house, then it is considered positive.

Now let us know the positive directions for the Living room.

The ideal directions for the Living-room are NW, North, NE, and East directions. i.e. The living room should ideally be anywhere between NW to East in the house.

Let us now learn the ideal directions for the Kitchen. The best direction for having the Kitchen is South-East direction (Agni Kon). North-West direction (Vayu Kon) is also considered as a second option for the Kitchen, but there are some defects associated with it. While cooking, the person who cooks in the Kitchen should face towards the East direction.

House plan as per vastu
House plan as per vastu

After the kitchen, let us now discuss the bedrooms.

The Master-Bedroom, i.e. the bedroom of the Head of-the-Family should be in South-West direction.

Children’s bedroom is considered positive in the South direction and the West direction. SE and NW directions are also considered as a second option for children’s bedrooms.

Ideal directions for bedrooms for our parents and grandparents are North directions or East directions.

Guest bedrooms should be in the Northwest direction.

The ideal direction for the Pooja-ghar (place of worship) in the house. Pooja-ghar should always be in the North, North-East, or East direction of the house. While praying one should face North-East or East direction.

Now lets see what are the ideal directions for the bathroom, toilet and septic tank in the house. Best directions for the Bathroom are the North direction and the East direction.

Best directions for Toilet and Septic tank are West direction and Northwest direction. Toilet and Septic-tank should never be in NE or Brahmasthan of the house. If possible, the bathroom and the toilet should be separate in the house.

Now let us know the directions for the Underground Water-tank and Overhead Water-tank. The Underground Water-tank should always be on the plot and never exactly below the house. Best directions for having the underground water tank are ‘North of NE’ or ‘East of NE’ of the Plot.

The ideal direction for Overhead water-tank in the West direction.

Store-room and staircase are considered best in the South direction or the West direction.

Important Vastu Shastra Tips For House Plan:

  • North, NE, and East directions of the house should always be kept light weighted and open. i.e. One can place light furniture or should do only some light construction over here.
  • SE, South, SW and West directions should be closed and heavy. Here one can place heavy furniture or can have heavy construction in these directions.
  • Brahmasthan (the center of the house) should always be open.
  • There should never be any staircase or pillars or toilet or septic tank in the Brahmasthan. There should ideally be no or minimum cuts in the house.

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