Inverter Place As Per Vastu | Best Place For Inverter According to Vastu

Inverter Place as per Vastu

Best Place for Inverter according to Vastu

The Inverter place as per Vastu for these articles is South- East direction.

If it is not possible to keep electrical appliances in South-East direction in a building, then the best option is to segregate these items and keep them in North -West direction of the room.

Make sure the inverter is not placed near any hazardous or flammable materials. It must also not be exposed to moisture or water. The location you select must be away from direct sunlight and is a dry area. Place the inverter in an area which has free space around it.

Inverter and Battery are a power source and equivalent to power generator.

This makes North-West and South-East zones to be the most auspicious zones for Installation of Inverter and Battery.

Some of the most in-auspicious locations for installation of Inverter and Battery are North-East. North and South-West Vastu Zones, under a Staircase and above or below pooja room.

Whenever fire element like generator, transformer, inverter etc. talked about of their placement in house, shop, business place, or factory. Directions are South direction of the building or Agneya Kona/ South- West direction. Because these kinds of appliances have fire in them.

Whenever these items are in use, they produce constant heat that is the reason Vastu recommends the mid of South direction to mid of East direction to place these items.

So the best place for fiery element is Agneya Kona. In the same manner, we also use the light weighted other electrical appliances like-Television, Computer, Refrigerator, Room Heater, Invertor, Geyser, Main Meter etc. which also have fiery element in them.

So the best position for these kinds of appliances is South -East corner of the house or is the personal bedroom.

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