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Kitchen As Per Vastu | Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu

Kitchen As Per Vastu

Vastu Shastra Kitchen

Kitchen is the most affected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails while an expert Vastu consultant would surely identify about the adverse situation of house if kitchen is placed incorrectly.

This important part of house to placed on its corresponding place i.e. South-east governed by element Fire. Kitchen being the important part of home is the primary contributing factor in the general health and well-being of occupants.

Vastu For Kitchen
Vastu For Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve motivation.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  1. To ensure your kitchen is enveloped in positive vibes, the elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water need to be in balance, according to Vastu Shastra.

2. If necessary, change or amend certain areas in your kitchen to increase positive energy in your home.

3. Kitchens in north quadrant tend to affect health female members.
Place water sink in the North-east with the maximum distance from cooking gas.

4. Larger windows in the kitchen has to be in Eastern side. while small ventilators should be placed in South.
Provision for water storage and taps has to be made in North-east of the kitchen.

5. Keep all the furnishing away from the wall.

6. Avoid placing dinning table in the center of the kitchen instead locate it in the North-west direction.
Electric equipment like microwave, oven or refrigerator should be placed in South-west.

7. The slope of the water flow should be from Southwest towards Northeast
The cylinder should be in the Southeast corner.

8. The Geyser should be on the Southeast side.

9. The storage for all the food grains, utensils, the over head almirah should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls. A dishwasher should be in the north west of the kitchen.

10. There should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the kitchen.

11. The door of the kitchen should never face the door of the toilet.

Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu

Direction of the Kitchen : Kitchen should always be on south-east side of the house. Vastu believes that fire governs this direction and hence this choice.

If the south-east corner is not available, then the next best direction is the north-west corner of the house. But, a north-west kitchen is believed to increase the household expenses.

Placement of the Stove : Being the main source of fire, placement of the stove is very important in Vastu Shastra. South-east is the preferred direction with the person who is cooking facing the east.

Facing the west while cooking is believed to be harmful to the health of the person cooking. The stove should never be positioned in front of the main door of the kitchen.

Placement of Sink ; The sink, being a source of water, has to be kept away from fire. North-east corner is an ideal position for this.

Windows and Exhaust : To ensure free flow of air in the kitchen, Vastu suggests at least two windows or air vents here. One each in the west and east is ideal.

Flooring : Black flooring should always be avoided in the kitchen. The walls can be a yellow or orange in an ideal situation.

Location of the Kitchen : According to Vastu, the kitchen should never be above a Pooja room, toilet or bedroom.

Position of Fridge : Refrigerator should never be kept in the north-east direction. South-east, south, west or north direction of the kitchen is suitable for positioning the refrigerator. South-west should be avoided as this can lead to problems with the refrigerator.

Position of the Door : Vastu is against the placement of the kitchen door in any of the corners of the wall. North, east and west are suitable for the main door.

Storage Solutions : Grains, pulses, utensils and crockery must be in the south or west side of the kitchen. North and east sides of the kitchen wall are not suitable for any storage.

Electrical Appliances : Today’s kitchen has a lot of electrical appliances to help with the work. Appliances like a microwave, mixer grinder, toaster etc. should be place in south or south-east direction of the kitchen. Avoid North-east side for the placement of these electrical appliances.

Dining Table : These days, especially in smaller apartments, allot a position for the dining table in the kitchen itself. The north-west or west side of the kitchen is ideal for a dining table in these cases.

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