Vastu Shastra Tips For Main Doors and Entrances

In vastu for main door, there are 32 positions (Padas) for entrances. When we divide the entire walls of a house, then there are 32 possible positions, out of which only 10-11 are considered good for entrances. But this is a huge science, if you are constructing a new house, then ensure you consult a Vastu Expert, he/she will be the one who will calculate and tell you the best position for main door .


Entrance Door To the House

Entrance door has an important place in Vastu Shastra. Main Door Vastu must be followed while building or planning of house.

Entrance doors should be in North, East, or North East of the house. The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house.

Number of Entrances

Many houses may have more than one entrance on the frontage. Some rules, however, have to be followed for providing these doors.

If there is only one main entrance door to the house then more wealth is expected over other factors. If there are two doors in the entrance then a comfortable life for the inmates can be expected.

When there are three doors, then it is harmful to the residents. If more than three doors are provided as main entrance than it causes many problems.

Placement of Main Entrance Doors

One Door If only one entrance is provided to the house, it should be placed in the east or north for the best results. Doors in the west and south are not good/allowed, but these directions can be used for a entrance in commercial establishments. Two Doors

If a house has two doors than they can be in the following combinations:

  1. East in combination with north and west.

2. West with north and East is allowed.

3. South and West Doors are not allowed.

4. South and East Doors are not allowed.

Three Doors

  1. Three doors excluding the east is inauspicious.

2. Three doors excluding south is auspicious.

3. Three Doors excluding north is inauspicious.

4. Three doors excluding the west, are auspicious.

Four Doors

If the house is aligned to the magnetic orientation than keeping the door in all the 4 directions is very auspicious.

Inner Doors :
Height of the doors should be at least 7′-0, and with of the door should be at least 3′-6.

Number of Doors

The number of doors within the house should be even in count, but not ten or multiples of eight. There are several rules to be noted before counting all ten doors within the house.

Do not Count the main gate or the doors in the outhouse with doors in the house. It is to be noted than two flanged doors are counted as one door.

Entrance may without doors but if they are covered overhead to form a enclosed passage, than they are counted as doors. Doors to partitions within the house which do not touch the ceiling are not counted as doors.

Designing the Doors

Vastu allows decoration and carving on the main entrance and other doors, but has some rules to be strictly followed for the same:

  1. Place Lakshmi seated on lotus with elephants on doors.

2. Traditional guard images can be carved.

3. Use the gods of wealth emitting coins for decoration.

4. Kul Devta, the family deity can adorn the door.

5. Place images of Birds like parrots, peacocks and swans on doors

6. Nature paintings etc.

7. Avoid pictures or Sculptures of war scene.

One should keep in mind that any god images etc. should not be used on the outer side of the door, as it may lead to poverty and other problems.

Vastu tips for your main entrance door

The main door is the passage which creates life in a home. One should pay great attention to the main door and the main windows as per the vastu shastra.

There are various aspects like the placement of the main door, the placement of the main windows, the direction of the main door and so on.

A person enters the home through the main door and hence the main door should produce positive energy each time a person walks in.

This positive energy from the main door is correlated to the entire portion of the home. Place entrance door in a such way that where it can activate the most beneficial energy.

Following are some tips which can help you position your main entrance door as per vastu shastra.

Choose an auspicious day: One can place the main door on a fixed auspicious day after performing a vastu puja.

The location of the main door plays an important role as you need to figure out on which place can be apt to place the main door.

You can do this by standing in front of your home and imaginarily dividing your home into two parts where the door can be placed towards the center. It can be either in the left or the right half based on the direction of the door.

Door Directions As Per Vastu Shastra

North Facing Entrances

When we talk of them, even in North there are nine positions (Padas). Even in that, the position through which our North line passes, that is our North entrance.
Hence, North entrance are considered very good as per vastu shastra. North entrances will give you all kind of comfort, prosperity and money.

East facing entrances!

In East, there is North-East as well as South-East, but here I am talking about 90° East or straight East. If you have an East facing entrance, where you receive
the first ray of sunlight in the morning, such kind of entrances are also good according to Vastu Shastra. Such kind of entrance help to gain respect in the society, name & fame, and also help you attain happiness and prosperity.

West directions entrances

They are also considered good direction (for entrances). And, if you are getting straight 90° West, along with good internal Vastu of the house, then you can surely consider that property.

South direction entrances

People think that South facings are bad, but if one gets straight South facing, we are talking about 0° South facing, then one can surely consider such property. If you are searching for a new one, then internal Vastu principles must be followed.

North-Eastern entrances.

People say, “I want North East entrance”, “I am getting
North-East entrance house”, But, North-Eastern entrances, exact North-East entrances are not considered good according to Vastu Shastra.

In that direction, lies the head of the Vastu Purush, and there we never recommend anyone to puncher the wall, or to enter by stepping on that position. So, if you are searching for a house and you have a choice between North and North-East facing, then always give priority to North facing.

South-East Entrances

The South-East entrances always create cash liquidity problems. The houses with South-East entrance generally have conception-related problems such as
Giving birth to a child is always a problem there. South-Eastern entrance invite health-related issues, and can also create legal problems.
It depends on many factors, but, one can face such kind of issues (with South-Eastern entrances).

North-West Entrances

The North-West entrance, one will notice that in houses
With North-West entrance, the head of the family is generally not found in the house, which can be because of work.
If the internal Vastu of the house is not good, then it creates banking-related problems, problems in negotiations, and in few cases, it has been
observed a surge in legal matters. Due to North-West entrance, there is a lot of movement of people in the house. Presence of guest is also in abundance.

South-West entrance.

In Vastu Shastra, out of all 8 main entrances,
Southwest is the worst. Because the South-West entrance gives you misfortune. Illnesses never leave such houses where there is
South West entrance.

One does get good money from South-West entrance, but, all money will be spent on medical treatments. If you are searching for a new property, then avoid where there is a South-West entrance. No matter how good the society or price you are getting, but never take the South-West facing property.

Everyone knows, South-West is bad; South-East is bad, but this article is specially for those who are already living in South-West or South-East facing houses, and because of the entrance, they are facing such kind of problems.

Problem does not only arise because of the entrance only, but equally because of the internal Vastu of the house; but here we are only talking about entrances.

If you have a South-West entrance, then you can place a yellow color trip there, any yellow colored objects can be placed there. Place some large flower pots there, or place a wrought iron frame. Do place a convex mirror, on top of the main entrance, on the outer side (exteriors), that will help you reduce the negativity of the South-West.

If we talk about South-East entrance, if your main door is on the South-East, then you can paste two stickers of Gayatri Mantras, you can enhance the red color in that direction. Because, we know South-East is fire, its color is red. Do not put too much red color; too much red also invites negativity. And, the element of South-East is copper, so if you have any utensils or vessels in copper, then you can surely place them in the South-East direction.

When we talk about North-West, then we can color it in blue; one can use some shades of gray in North-West. And, in the North-West you can place paintings that depict wind, or of moving trees. One can use such a painting, it balances the effect of North-West entrance.

Important Tips For Doors As Per Vastu

Do not have a main door directly facing the opposite home:

Always remember that you should not place your main door to the opposite home as it will be quite uncomfortable when both the doors are open, which can ultimately result in a peek of both the homes.

Do not have the main door facing an abandoned and deserted building:

Avoid placing your main door towards a deserted and a rundown building as this can create negative vibes and you will have a scary and cold sight every time you open the door.

Have the entrance gate and the entrance door on the same side:

Always have the entrance gate and your entrance door on the same side, as the vastu principles; do not consider it auspicious to have the entrance gate and the entrance door on the opposite direction. Also, it causes inconvenience to guests.

Do not have an underground tank, septic tank under the main entrance door:

This is because while cleaning and opening of tank, it will be very inconvenient if it has to be done right in front of the main door.

Do not have the main entrance door in the corners of the home:

It is advisable that you do not have the main entrance door in the corners of the home as this can result in a difficulty while placing furniture at home. Corners in a home left should vacant for movement.

Do not have a wall in front of the entrance door:

Do not have a wall directly in front of the entrance door and instead have a door which opens in the next room. Doing this will allow fresh air inside the home, making it well ventilated.

Have an entrance and an exit door:

The Vastu principles suggest that there should be two doors; one for entry and another one for exit. The exit door should be smaller than the entrance door. This will let fresh air enter the home.

Important Vastu Shastra Points :

  1. Have the main entrance door as the largest door in your home.

2. The main door opening inside and in clockwise rotation is very good.

3. Do not have self-closing doors.

4. The main door should have a threshold.

5. Oil the door which causes cracking sound.

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