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Office Entrance as per Vastu

Vastu for Office Main Door

According to commercial Vastu, the entrance door of an office building or flat should face towards North, North-East or North-West direction.

North, North-East or North-West directions are considered to bring good fortune and positivity for business.

Also, they are the most auspicious directions for office spaces and it makes employees feel fresh and very productive.

North direction is known to be the direction of Kuber (the lord of wealth), thus it profits you in financial terms as well. But, make sure you do not put any obstacle near to the entrance door as this may create an obstruction in your business.

Vastu Tips for Main Door

  • Use very good quality wood for main entrance.
  • Make sure that main door is noise free while opening or closing.
  • Always keep entrance door well lit with bright lights.
  • A two shuttered main door opening inside and clockwise is auspicious.
  • Make the main door a bit higher than ground level and keep number of steps odd.
  • Main door must be above ground level and not below in any case.
  • Best option is to have two main doors in an office, one for entry and another for exit having two and one shutters respectively.
  • Make exit door smaller than entrance one.
  • Immediately replace cracked or aged doors to avoid tough time and loss of respect.

Vastu Tips for Office Stairs

  • Stairs should be in South or South-West direction.
  • There should be no stairs in the center of the office as it will lead to shortage of money.
  • Plants can be placed at the corner of every staircase.
  • Vastu Tips for Office Desk and Cabin
  • Put a picture of a mountain in your cabin behind the chair.
  • Keep a Turquoise pyramid on your desk to build better relationships with employees and peers.
  • Keep your desk clean.
  • Do not fill your desk with unnecessary documents.
  • Keep books and papers locked.
  • Throw away the broken stationery as it is considered a hindrance to financial prosperity.

Keep these Vastu Tips in mind while choosing wall colors for your office

Always use bright colors for wall paints and decorations. Because it spreads positivity, reflects light and keeps negative energy away. Now know where and what colors to use in the office.
Blue: This color makes the whole environment happy and full of positive energy. You can use this color on the southern wall.

Green: Use different shades of green as they are very beneficial for professional relationships. Get green color on the south-west wall so that goodwill increases in the office culture.

White: Use different shades of white, cream and yellow in the South-East, East, North-East and North-West corners and walls.

Red and Pink: Usually red and pink are not done inside the office but if you want to use these colors then you can do it on the southern walls.

Vastu Tips for Keeping Plants in Office

If you want to bring greenery in the office, then you can keep bamboo, jade or snake plants on your office desk. Apart from this, you can keep areca palm plant, money plant, or dracaena plant as it brings good luck and prosperity.


Whether it is a shop, home or office, before starting work, remembering God according to one’s religion and faith increases efficiency. Even today, employees in government offices take the department behind in terms of efficiency due to lateness and not being fully dedicated towards their office. Even today, in many branches of the bank, the managers, along with the entire staff, pray collectively before commencing the work of the bank.

If there is a computer and any electronic equipment in your office, then it should always be installed in the igneous angle. This direction is the direction of the fire god and the guise emerges from these instruments. If you make any waiting or meeting room in the office, then always make it in the west angle. According to Vastu, the west angle is considered auspicious. Only one employee should sit at a table. Hiring of more than one employee hinders the work.

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