Pooja Room As Per Vastu

Why is it important to have a pooja room as per vastu?

Before understanding where the Pooja room should be placed in your house, it is important to understand a few important things about Pooja room as per vastu

When we say God is present everywhere, then why is it that in Vastu Shastra only a few specific directions are highlighted for Pooja room and why only in these directions should we keep our Pooja room.

Let us understand this with an example… Let’s take into consideration the Sun, the rays of the Sun, and a magnifying glass. The light of the Sun is spread everywhere, but when we direct the rays of the sun through a magnifying glass keeping it at a specific angle, then the intensity of these rays increases so much that it can burn any object that is kept under it.

Similarly, Pooja room is also like a magnifying glass. When Pooja room is kept in the right direction, the intensity of the energies of that direction increases manifolds and is very beneficial for the people living in that house. Hence, we should always keep Pooja room in the right direction.

Which is the right direction for a pooja room and why?

The Earth rotates on its North and South axis and it is tilted at 23 degrees towards the North. The movement of the rotation starts from the Northeast.

This generates very strong and positive energies in this direction. Hence, Pooja room should always be kept in NorthEast direction (Ishan Kon) If for any reason, if you aren’t able to keep your Pooja room in NE direction, then you can place your Pooja Ghar in East or North direction of your house.

While praying, you should always face North, NE or East directions so that you can gain maximum benefits from it.

Avoid placing photos/statues (murti) directly of the Deities on the floor. Place them at least 1 to 1.5 feet above the floor on a platform. You can also mount the Pooja room on the wall.

Never keep Pooja room unworshipped. Always light a lamp (Diya) preferably of ghee or Til oil in the morning or evening in the Pooja room.

Avoid many statues (murti) of the same deity in the Pooja room. Never keep broken a statue ( khandit murti) in the Pooja room.

You should always immerse such statues in flowing water. Use light and soothing colours in the Pooja room like white, cream, light yellow, light green as light colors make the room brighter and soothing.

Teak wood, rosewood, or mango tree woods are considered auspicious for building the Pooja room. Always keep Pooja room clean and clutter free. Pooja room should never be in the SE, South or SW direction of your home.

Avoid Pooja room in bedroom and kitchen. Avoid placing Pooja room in the Brahmasthan i.e. center of the house.

Pooja room should never be kept under the staircase as every time you climb the staircase you are literally walking over the Pooja room.

Never keep any heavy storage above the Pooja room. Never use Pooja room as a storeroom because the energies of that direction won’t be able to flow freely.

There should not be any toilet near, above, or below the Pooja room. Avoid keeping photo frames of family members who have passed away in the pooja room.

pooja room as per vastu
Right Direction for Pooja Room

If your Pooja room/Ghar is in the SE, South or SW direction of your house, then please shift the Pooja room/ Ghar to North, NE, or East of your house because there are no remedies for a place of God.

Always place God in the right direction. If there is a kitchen or bedroom in the Northeast direction of your house, and if it is not possible to place Pooja room in the east or North direction, i.e. If there is a toilet or something else there, then you can place your Pooja room in the kitchen or bedroom by creating a proper partition / using a curtain.

Before shifting the Pooja room, clean the new place, light some incense stick and camphor over there, pray to God wholeheartedly, and then shift your Pooja room to the new place.

After shifting your Pooja room, there is a possibility that you may face some initial problems, but these problems are temporary and slowly everything will become normal.

Please totally avoid gifting of photos and statues of God.

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