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Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

How Sleeping Direction Effects Health

According to the Vastu principles, sleeping with the head towards the south is one of the highly recommended directions. It brings prosperity, good health, good fortune, and quality sleep.

Sleep means the resting state where our body is not active and mind is in the unconscious state. During this time we are unaware of our private surrounding as well as sleeping directions.

As per the teachings of Vastu, the sleeping direction is of the utmost importance. Vastu tells us in which direction we should sleep to live a happy and contented life.

Vastu teaches us that we are always surrounded by energy which is either positive or negative. At the same time, the energy resides within all as well.

1. Sleeping With Head Towards South

This is the right sleeping position according to Vastu, especially if you are in the northern hemisphere.

The direction increases wealth, happiness, and ushers in prosperity. Also, the sleep in this position is of the best quality.

South is associated with positive energy. Hence, if you sleep in this direction, changes are bound to happen and they would make you feel better about life.

2. Sleeping With Head Towards North

This is one direction you should avoid completely. Our heart is almost at the middle of our body and the veins that go up towards the brain are much finer and do not handle blood pressure well.

If you sleep in that direction, then due to the Earth’s magnetic field, your blood starts flowing more towards your head.

The Earth’s magnetic pull increases the blood flow towards the head without you being aware of it. If the flow increases, it could lead to hemorrhage.

3. Sleeping With Head Towards East

The Eastern side is the source of energy and power as per Vastu. If you place your head while sleeping in this direction, then you would certainly feel better in the morning.

It triggers solutions that can help you overcome health-related problems. The position is good for students as well, as it increases memory and concentration.

4. Sleeping With Head Towards West

This position is not as beneficial as East or South, but if you are looking for success, then as per Vastu, you should keep your head towards this direction while sleeping.

At the same time, this direction can relieve you of any unwanted negative energies in your life.

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