Vastu Shastra

Vastu Dosh

What is Vastu Dosh?

Defects and Effects of Vastu Dosh

Basic Vastu Dosh directly affects the house. It is the strongest factor responsible for any problem. Counter defect are those which lie in the opposite sector and which are making basic defect stronger.

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Contributory defect have a bearing on the effects. Compensating factors are those which can minimize the intensity of effect.

Effects of bad Vastu are legal and mental problems. Effects of a bad Vastu are also mental problems, heart disease and even untimely death in some extreme cases. if South East direction is having a main entrance, bore well or septic tank causes negative results as per Vastu guidelines.

vastu Dosh

4 Types of Defects

  1. Basic Defects

2. Counter Defects

3. Contributory Defects

4. Compensating Factors

Some Major Defects and Effects of Vastu dosh

Level of North-East high Effects – Effects are Poverty, No economical progress, Education of children affected.

Rounded North-East Effects– Mental Sickness/Insanity.

Cut North-East Effects– Mental/Physical deformity.

North-East of Plot Ok but North-East of House is Rounded. Effects– Decreasing attachment between family members.

North-East Blocked, High North-East of the Building. Effects– Heart problems and Male child fare poorly in studies and move away from home.

North-East Closure with Bedroom, Open West . Effects– Only female children are born.

Less Area in North, or East Depressed More Open North-West Effects– Legal problems, Court cases, losing money in business and Partnership problems.

South-East Bedroom Effects– Restless sleep, if study is done, results are not good, Short tempered nature and Hasty decisions.

Sump/Well in South-West Effects– Health problems of the elderly.

Business Premises- Garbage, Fuel Tank and Toilet in North-East Effects– Effects are Continuous money loss and distress sale of business.

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