Vastu For Office

Office According to Vastu

Office is primarily constructed to get over-all success and good profit thereby maintaining controlling staff properly.

Vastu for office maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps make the environment serene and positive and clears the obstacle coming in the business.  

Office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction as it brings good luck and positive energy.

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction. Do not place anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of main entrance.

Vastu for Different Types of Rooms in Office

In an industrial unit many types of rooms is to be constructed. some of them are common in all the offices.

Office : Best if, It is in (Eshanya) Northeast and square in shape. It bore more good results if the entrance is from north. sitting arrangement also should be in north too.

Electrical Appliances : South-East is the best direction for generator, AC, boiler, meter board, gas burner or furnace.

Temple : Best if, it is in North-East but the idol must facing west or south. Other God idols facing towards East or west but Hanuman idol should be facing towards south-east direction.

Cash Box : Put Kuber Yantra in the cash box and keep it in North. You will never face lack of money.

Store Room : Should always be present in the south-east direction. If all the product is of similar type then it should be kept in North-West.

Administrative Block : The chamber of chief manager should be in the South-west or west or south. Sitting arrangement for junior officer should be made in north and east.

Reception : It is auspicious in North-East Direction but never in the south-east.

Effects of Direction

Select a shop or office according to the nature of business. Before Muhoorat must consult a Vastu expert. If it is East facing then good from business point of view. If facing Westward then ups and downs may come in your way.

North facing establishment will always be beneficial.

But establishments facing South may never expect good results – loss and defame may potentially come.

In metros and other big cities mostly shops or offices facing Southward. In such situation the sitting arrangement, cash box, counter etc. are to be set according to Vastu norms to reduce some of the bad-effects.

Home Office ( Running Office At Home )

The increasing pressures of population and want of space has prompted many professionals to develop their offices at home itself.

This also incidentally saves time going to office and coming back home. In an office like this so many reforms/ improvements can be made through Vastu.

An office established at home should be either in South-East or North or in the North East, for these are the directions associated with wealth, responsibility, prosperity and future strategies.

In these kinds of offices the emphasis should be on the use of angular things or furniture, rather than on circular things. Your cabin in the office should be so situated or positioned that you may see from there the entire office easily.

If this, for some reason is not possible, then you may put up a mirror, for this very purpose, in the opposite direction/ or the opposite side. You can make few modifications as houses are mostly built in flats shape now-a-days.

Important Vastu Tips for Office

1. You should choose a rectangular or square plot for your office.

2. Make sure that the height of the building is equal in all sides.

3. If you want to build water bodies for your office, then choose the northeast or eastern zone. Make sure that the overhead tank is not located in the northeast.

4. The seating arrangement of senior executives, including Chairman, general manager and directors, should be done in southern, western and southwestern portions of the office.

5. Northern and eastern zones would be appropriate for seating the middle level officers. Reserve the northwest portion for the field staff.

6. The accounts department should be located in the southeast direction.
The right place for reception counter is northeast portion of the office. The receptionist should sit facing the north or east direction.

7. Ensure that the telephone and side-tables are positioned in the south-west corner of the office.

8. Make sure that you do not keep any obstacle in the opening of any door of your office.

9. It is suggested that the staff should work by facing the north or east direction.

The employees of your office should not sit under beam. In case the beam cannot be avoided, cover it with a wooden board.
Central zone of office premises has to be empty.

10. Store all the important documents in an almirah or safe, which should be placed in the southwest direction.

11. It is advisable to have a rectangular desk for the owner of the company. Avoid Boring and well in in the southern direction of the office.

12. The location, perfect for the pantry, falls in the southeast or northwest zone.

13. Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone of the office.

14. The appropriate location for the toilet is northeast and southwest directions.

15. your office should not be near a temple, graveyard or hospital.

16. Doors and windows of the office has to be positioned in the north and east direction.

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