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Vastu For Washing Machine

Vastu for Washing Machine

As per Vastu for bathroom, the door should not be in the southwest direction of the bathroom.

For keeping the washing machine, the suitable directions are southeast and northwest. Bathtub can be placed on the west side.

Vastu for washing machine
Washing machine as per vastu Shastra

The position of your machine desires three primary services. The first one is a water outlet for the used water to flow out.

Carefully discussing the requirements with your builder/architect can result in practical solutions to this problem. To sum it up, any wall can have an outlet if it is planned in advance.

The second facility that is required is running water supply.

If you have the means to afford warm water wash and if your machine supports two inlets, then this is an option. For the majority of users, running cold water is sufficient to wash their clothes.

Make sure that the tap/fitting is carefully done. If not ensured, water can drip and flood the interiors of your home.

As Per Vastu for Washing Machine for Home the third thing required is a wastewater outlet where it goes in the drain. So you will need the drain pipe connected to a drain.

Large appliances such as the washing machine need to have their own designated space. You can’t move them around from one spot to another because it’s simply not practical. There are numerous popular ideas regarding the room the washing machine should be placed in and how it should be incorporated into the overall design.

Avoided Points for Washing Machine Installation

As per Vastu for washing machine Having the washing machine inside the bathroom where it is subject to water sprays from shower, taps and increases the risk of corrosion.

You have the washing machine just outside the bathroom where the bathroom serves as the water outlet and also provides the machine with the needed water for its operation.

But this can make your interior look terrible. Instead, you can make a dedicated space for a washing machine where you have a water supply, electric supply, and water drain outlet.

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