Vastu For Water Tank Position (Overhead & Underground)

Syntax According to Vatu

Vastu Tips for Water Tank Placement

As per Vastu position for water tank, the overhead tank should be in the west or south west direction. For the overhead tank, which is placed in the southwest direction, it should be at least two feet above the uppermost slab. Due to water, the side becomes heavy, which acts advantageous.

Water tanks are important in every house, and most houses install tanks randomly in any direction wherever it is suitable.

Vastu gives some ideal directions to place water resources for better health, wealth and prosperity in house. Water is an important element in Vastu and if its placement is not accordingly then it creates problems for occupants.

Vastu for Water Resource

Underwater Tank; Underwater tank should be dug in North-east direction while before digging a sump draw an axis marking from North-east to South-west while both the sides right or left are apt for underwater tank.

North-east is an important place in home which is held scared due to which it should be left vacant as much as possible and that is why underwater tank is recommended here. Avoid any water source/tank towards North-west or South-east.

Overhead Tank; Overhead tank should be installed in South-west direction only because South is an inauspicious corner of house where heavy things can be placed to equate the energies.

Over-head tank in this direction balances energies to bring health, prosperity, and all-round peace. Avoid over-head tank in North-east as it leads to unnecessary expenses and losses.

Vastu Tips for Overhead Tank

  • The location or placement of the overhead tank is one of the main factors one should look into. Ideally, the overhead tank should be in the west or south-west direction.
  • Though northeast corner belongs to the element – water, it is not advisable to have a big overhead tank in the area. This is because the side should not be heavy under any conditions. However, a small tank can be placed.
  • Placing the tank on the west side (not southwest) would be extremely beneficial as the direction belongs to Lord Varuna, Lord of rains. In such a case, there is no need for an external slab, and the tank can be placed directly on the main slab as well.
  • Avoid overhead tanks made of plastic. If you were to get one, make sure it is blue or black in color, as darker shades absorb sunrays.
  • Make sure you have different tanks for different purposes. While drinking and cooking water can be from one tank, water for toilets and bathrooms can come from another one.
  • Avoid placing the overhead tank in the north-west direction. If the tank is of a small size, less height and present at a distance of at least two feet from the north-west corner, it can be permissible. However, if the water in the tank is not used properly and finishes earlier than expected.

Why water tank is Must?

People install water tanks on the roofs of their houses so that there is no shortage of water at the time of need. While installing the tank, it is generally not considered what should be the correct direction of the tank.

Whereas according to Vastu Shastra, the water tank affects Vastu a lot. If there is no tank in the right direction, the person may have to face financial problems. This hinders progress and also affects health. Therefore, while installing a water tank, full care should be taken of Vastu.

According to Vastu science, North and East are the best directions for water. It is auspicious to have a water purifier, pitcher or other water vessel inside the house in this direction, whereas Vastu defects arise when there is a water tank in this direction. This increases the risk of loss in business, fluctuations in the health of the people living in the house or an accidental accident.

The north-east direction is also not suitable for keeping a water tank, due to which stress increases and children do not feel like reading and writing. The south-east direction is also not considered suitable for placing a water tank as this direction is said to be the direction of fire. The combination of fire and water causes serious Vastu defects.

Auspicious direction for installing water tank

According to Vastu science, being high and heavy from the southwest i.e. southwest angle is auspicious. By placing a water tank on the roof in this direction, this part becomes higher and heavier than other parts. Therefore, for progress and prosperity, a water tank should be installed in the south-west direction.

While placing the tank in this direction, also keep in mind that the wall of this direction should be higher than the tank. It increases income and gives happiness of the house for a long time. If it is not possible to put a tank in the south-west direction, as an alternative, a tank can be installed in the south or west direction. But keep in mind that the south wall should be higher than the tank.

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