Vastu For Money

Vastu Tips For Money

How to Attract Money by Vastu?

As per Vastu tips for money, best ways to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the the south-west corner.

All your jewelry, money and important financial documents must be kept in the south-west facing north or north-east.

Vastu Shastra for money
Vastu for money

Vastu Tips for Wealth

  • According to traditional belief, each house has its own energy type. Once a person starts living in a house, he comes under the influence of a specific energy field.
  • These energies, in turn, start influencing him in some way or the other. Indian Vastu science has several remedies to ensure that you become wealthy.
  • Never build a swimming pool or water body at a level lower than the normal ground level in the South-West corner of a home, office or any other building.
  • Place the cash locker or cash almirah close to the South or South-West wall, so that it opens in the North direction. North is the direction of Lord Kuber and opening a locker in that direction allows Kuber to fill it again and again. Also, avoid placing the cash locker in any other direction.
  • Never ever, under any circumstance, place the cash locker under a beam, as this puts a lot of financial stress on family or business.

Vastu Tips For Money Luck

  • Keeping the North-East portion clutter-free and open at all times attracts wealth towards you. Avoid making a staircase, etc., in this direction. Never keep anything heavy, like machinery, in the North-East corner.
  • Avoid a plot where there are high-rise buildings, temples in the North-East direction of your plot. As this leads to loss of wealth. If there are high-rise buildings and temples, then their shadow doesn’t fall on your home or plot.
  • Place a water fountain in the North-East part of your home. Make sure that the water in the fountain is always moving; movement of water denotes flow of positive energy and wealth.
  • Keep a fish aquarium in your home in the North-East portion of your hall or living room. Always keep the fish aquarium clean and aerated.
  • Decorate the main entrance door of your home distinctively to enable prosperity and wealth to find your home easily. Decorate the name and number plate of your home. Keep this area brightly lit and beautifully colored.

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