Wall Clock Direction As Per Vastu | Clock Direction As Per Vastu

Wall Clock Direction As Per Vastu

Wall Clock is very important in our life. The clock used to tell the time has been changing with time. Follow wall clock direction as per vastu to have prosperity in house.

There are some things that should be kept in mind while setting the watch. According to Vastu, it has a great impact on life. With this we can start the auspicious time in life.

In Which Direction Should The Clock be Placed?

The north, east and west directions are considered best for setting the clock. Putting a clock in any one of these directions brings auspicious times in the house.

North Direction

North direction is considered the best for installing Wall Clock. Putting a clock in this direction brings auspicious times in the house. Putting a clock in the north direction increases wealth, honor, and respect in the house.

East direction

It is auspicious to put a clock in the east direction. Putting a clock in this direction brings money to the house.

South Direction

The south direction is the path of Lord Yama. In other words, the direction of death. According to Vastu Shastra, the clock should never be placed in the southern part of the house. The clock placed in the southern part is considered inauspicious for the age and good fortune of the family.

West Direction

The west direction is also auspicious. By putting a clock in this direction, the minds of family members will always be full of enthusiasm. The work will be engrossed.

What should be the color of the watch?

Its color being silver, golden, white is very auspicious. Wall clock should never be of black, blue, or saffron color. Due to this negative energy resides in the house.

What should be the size of the watch?

According to Vastu, the clock should always be square or round in the house. Due to this, there is peace and happiness in the house.

Clock Direction Vastu Tips

  • Watches with very old, worn out and foggy glass are also not considered auspicious. It hinders the success of the family. This does not give proper results from hard work.
  • The door of the room is such a place. From where not only man but also the energy of nature enters. It is not considered auspicious to put a clock on the door. It is said that happy moments do not enter the house and there is no good atmosphere in the family.
  • There should be such a clock at the workplace. Which are big in size, clean, and beautiful in appearance.
  • Very old and intermittent clock bring negative energy and lethargy to the office.
  • A closed clock should not be kept at the work place. In fact, a closed clock is an indicator of stagnation and collapse. Even a closed clock in the house is not considered auspicious. If such a watch is not fit to run, then it should be taken off and kept with the old stuff.
  • The time of Wall Clock should be kept exactly right or two – three minutes ahead.
  • Keeping behind the stipulated time brings obstacles in life. Such a person lags behind in getting the fruits of hard work and happiness, while it can also cause problems in daily activities.

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