Plot or House Facing Direction As Per Vastu

BY: Sachin

2 Oct 2022

East Direction


1) The  East  Direction North -East East South -East The East side belongs to the Lord Indra. The sun rises from the East & this direction is given the first position. The principal God of the East direction is Lord Indra. It gives prosperity and wealth

West Direction


The  West  Direction The West direction belongs to the Lord Varuna who has control and power over the rain and water. The principal Gods of the West direction are 1. Rog (Disease) 2. Pap (Sin) 3. Shesh (Cobra) 4. Asur (Demon) 5. Varun 6. Pushpadevta or Kusumdanta (flower) 7. Sugriv 8. Dwarpal (Doorkeeper) 9. Pitar (Fore Fathers) Out of these Gods Rog, Pap, Asur, Dwarpal and Pitar are having cruel powers.

North Direction


The  North Direction The principal God of this side is Kuber who has incalculable stores of wealth and prosperity. The Gods on this side are 1. Diti 2. Aditi 3. Sarpa (Serpent) 4. Som or Chandra (Moon) 5. Bhalat 6. Mukhya (Main/ Principal) 7. Nag (Cobra) All these are auspicious Gods giving  happiness and prosperity.

South Direction


The  South Direction Lord Yama is the principal god of this direction. There are seven Gods in this direction 1. Usha 2. Vitatha 3. Yama 4. Krutanta 5. Gandharva 6. Bhrungraj 7. Mriga. The South direction is banned for all auspicious functions.

Myths About Direction


People seem to believe that East and North facing plots are auspicious and South and West facing plots are not to be preferred. This is not true. No direction is good or bad in itself.  One should understand  that the South and West plots can be made and do yield best benefits when they are exploited properly.

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